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Estate Attorney

Estate Attorney | James W Stamper Attorney At Law - Tulsa, OK

James W Stamper Attorney At Law is a premier lawyer who understands that your hard earned legacy is important to you. I will help you preserve your hard work for those you love.

I strive to minimize estate and gift taxes while maximizing the inheritance of your beneficiaries. Planning your estate is a very personal matter, who better to work with than James W Stamper, a knowledgeable estate attorney.

I have earned a reputation throughout the greater Tulsa, OK area as a leader in cutting edge and innovative estate planning, estate litigation, and estate administration. Estate planning is one of the most important steps that a person can take. It will ensure:

• That your loved ones are provided for
• That your property is properly distributed
• That your healthcare wishes are honored
• That all legal questions are resolved

Estate planning is important for everyone regardless of their age or estate size. It will ensure that your assets are properly distributed in a fast and efficient manner.

I am a highly experienced estate attorney that will help you understand the estate plan options that are available. I will assist you in identifying your estate planning needs and help you to recognize all potential solutions.

Services Include but are not limited to:
• Estate Planning
• Will Preparation
• Revocable Trust Preparation
• Irrevocable Trust Preparation
• Living Will Preparation
• Durable Power of Attorney
• Advance Directive Preparation

Planning for the future is a very important part of life. Asset protection is often overlooked, yet a critical part of preserving the wealth that you have worked so hard to create. For effective advice, representation, and assistance with estate matters, contact an estate attorney you can trust. James W Stamper Attorney At Law is looking forward to hearing from you today!

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